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Stark Audio Eight II

EIGHT comfort senses of true audiophiles, engineers, designers and naturalists.

Stark Audio Eight II
Eight are anything but monotonous; the simplicity calls attention to details
and reveals the organic feel of things.
Four times the strength of its predecessor, EIGHT II are assembled to deliver a faithful reproduction. As a result, we are high-end streaming speakers resonating both with pure sound and each audio gourmet.
Stark Audio Eight II
EIGHT II is the alchemy of crafts and tech represented in performance, execution, quality and design. 

EIGHT are unique for their undistorted, crystal clear sound.

The loudspeaker drivers are placed carefully in defined locations delivering maximum performance without compromising harmonic acoustics. 
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Stark Audio Eight II

Why is EIGHT unique?

Not a mass production. 
The quality of the product comes first. 
EIGHT II are a sound of precise craftsmanship and artistry. 

The sides of the speakers are made of solid walnut wood, the speakers use top components of studio quality. 
The built-in 38-degree equalizer delivers music connection to the most demanding listeners. 
Stark Audio Eight II
Stark Audio Eight II
Stark Audio Eight II

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